vrijdag 8 juli 2011

Door hinges and side windows

The doors hinges will be sand blasted and

receive a new coat of paint.

New rubber stops and some new gaskets

will finish the job.

The side windows are in place after cleaning

and greasing the side winding mechanism.

I’m waiting for the guide channels till they are

back from the company where they will be

sandblasted and coated again along with the

bumpers and the fresh air induct and front

windscreen panel.

Also the front and rear windscreen are back

in to place.

Underneath the car

The tail pipes will be cut later and two

double end pipes weld on.

I replaced the loud exhaust system with two

extra silencers as the car will be a daily driver

and making long trips will be more comfortable

this way.

Some little more paintwork will be done in the

near future to finish the underside of the car.

Bleeding the brakes

After the installation of the brakes it was

time to bleed the system.

With the help of the misses this was only

a ten minutes job.

All the rear brake pipes are replaced by new

ones and all the flexible hoses on the car are

replaced by braided steel ones.

Rear brakes fitted

I’ve reinstalled the rear brakes by using a printout

of a picture I made before dismantling.

Bought some new pistons, springs and caps.

It all seems so simple when they are on the

car but once dismantled it’s hard to remember

how everything was installed. Pictures makes

it so easy.