woensdag 17 februari 2010

Bomb spotters

Last time when I visited the work shop the guy was working on the left hand front wing, we also aligned the bonnet and spot welded the right hand wing. Before there was a large gap between the front wings and the bonnet, now the gap is like it should be and it gives the car a neater look.

The nose of the front wing wasn’t also that good aligned with the front panel, this was only a small fault but he corrects the nose so that it’s one smooth line now.

It’s those little things that I find important; now there’s the chance to fixe them so just take care of it.

The only thing that’s bothering me is the slow progress. Because I was to busy working on the new bedrooms at home I didn’t had the time to visit the work shop since a few weeks.
I phoned the guy yesterday but not much has been done lately and March will be the same.
The guy is a military security agent and some youngsters have entered the compound without permission, so now safety precautions are put on a higher level for the moment witch means he has to work more hours and he’s got less time to work on the car.
I hoped I could have the car back in April but that definitely won’t be the case anymore, this means changing holiday plans too as we planned to leave at the end of May or begin June. A trip thru Italy with the TR7V8 was on the menu…
But we'll see about that, anyway it still is only half February.