vrijdag 6 augustus 2010

Left hand side

There is still some work to do on the left hand side.

All these little corners and curves in the body need special attention and time; I will be glad when the car will be backing home so I can have a financial break.

The next weeks the work shop will be closed due to holiday so my plans to get the car back soon are again been delayed.

I want to have the car on the road in the spring of 2011 I think this will be a challenge as I got also other things to do on the house to keep the wife happy.

Finishing touches

The right hand side of the car gets closer to the finish line

although there is still some fine sanding to do to get the wedge line perfect.

The small difference is hardly noticeable but necessary to have a perfect result when the car gets here final color spray.

The work to the right front wheel panel and front spoiler is as good as done.