dinsdag 22 juni 2010

Kit is on the car

The complete kit is now mounted on the car.

Every part has been glued to the body with special glue and

the parts are all screwed to the body with stainless steel screws.

Next step is applying the fine finishing fiber and mastic layer.

Reinforcing the kit

More attachments are made on the car and aluminum plates are glued and screwed to the fiber parts for a solid connection.

A new towing point has been made the old one couldn’t been used anymore due to the new front spoiler.

Every part has been trial fitted and adapted several times; goal is to make everything as solid as possible.

Front spoiler attachments

With the car on stands it’s much easier to work on.

Stainless steel attachments are weld on to the car to make a rigid construction between the fiberglass and the body panels.

The original kit is not strong enough therefore a thick layer of fiber mastic is put on the inside of the kit parts.

Later on the parts will be glued and screwed with stainless steel screws to the body panels.

Trial fitting the front spoiler

Now that the alignment of the front bumper

and the front grill is finished

the front spoiler can be test fitted to the car.

I’ve still got to do some cleaning up in the car.

I don’t know where I can find the isolation panels for the bulkhead; I shall put this question on the forum one of these days.

Two different wings

The alignment of the bumper is almost done

but you can still see it going upwards on the left hand side, think the bumper is a little bit twisted.

So we took it of again and gave it a little twist in the opposite way and now it’s fine.

I never noticed it before but there is a difference between the left under side of the front wing and the right one

but the front spoiler will solve this problem.

Front grill adjusting

The front grill (closing panel) has been pre-installed

but the front wings need some small adjustment so there are no gaps between the plastic panel and the body panels.

Seems the bumper has a dent this could be the cause for the bad bumper alignment.

Front bumper alignment

The work on the body panels has finally finished and now the Rimmer kit can be put back on the car.

First thing to do is the re-fitting of the front bumper and align it with the body before the front spoiler can be installed.

Seems that the alignment isn’t very great,

the bumper and its attaching points need adjusting.

For this reason the bumper covers are removed.

New battery location

It has been a while since I have up dated my blog.
I’ve been on holiday and when we came back I had too many other things to do.
But I still had some time left to go to the workshop to make pictures of the car.

The new battery tray is located in the boot now.

The rear bumper is fitted to check the alignment and to trial fitting the rear bumper skirt.

I still need to buy exhaust finishing parts so then the holes in the rear skirt can be adapted to the right size.