vrijdag 23 april 2010

Double bulge bonnet again

It's not quite finished yet but it's much better than the old 'new' one.

Looks good on the picture but needs some minor adjusting.

The louvers are de-rusted and got treated with anti-rust paint.

there is still some work to do on the inside of the bonnet though.

Next week a part of the shop will receive a new roof so work on the car will have to wait for a while.

Rear lights panel finished

Some pictures of the finished rear lights panel

This has also been a part that turned out to be more expensive than tought due to the bad rusty condition of the replacement part.

Everything is free of rust now

Seeming the joints will be done after sanding the bodysurface

Again a nice and clean job done.

vrijdag 16 april 2010

Cleaning the louvers

There are some rusty spots in the louvers and these corners are difficult to clean.

A special grinding tool to clean the louvers has been bought

and it does the job well.

A picture of the deformed bonnet with the double bulge cut out.

New old bonnet

The new bonnet I bought was in such a bad shape after the sandblasting

so we decided to adapt the old bonnet by cutting out the double bulge from the new bonnet

and weld it on to the old one.

This has been a stupid and expensive error from the sandblast shop.

nice welding job from the guy from the bodyshop though.

Right rear wing is finished

Due to former wrong installation of the rear wing there was a little dent in the upper part of the wing,

this has been taking care of so now it’s a smooth line again.

There is still the bonnet to do and the antenna hole in the roof.

The next step then is putting the Rimmer kit back on the car, after that the car can go to the paint shop.