vrijdag 10 augustus 2012

Back to work

In the meantime holiday is over and it’s back to work. Took my camera with me today and tried to shoot some nice pictures; I hope you like them…

Finished work for today and driving back home…

Small road trips

During this summer we did had some days without rain  and we took the opportunity to make some small trips with the TR.

First big test with the new water pump was a trip to Luxembourg. The car behaved very well and we had a stop at Bastogne.

We covered a total of 450 km and everything was fine just until the last 5km when that strange noise came back. (Later I found out it was only the alternator belt making this noise).

On the way back we had a stop at the brand new train station of Luik Belgium  (Liége in French or Luttich in German) called gare de Guillemin.

A few weeks later we went for a day trip to Germany. We took some lovely twisting roads thru the Ardennes to get to our destination.

Monchau; a nice little town in Germany just past the Belgium border.

A cool beer is always welcom with these temperatures

Stockheim/ Düren/Germany

This time there were no problems at all during the 300 km trip. The engine kept cool although it was almost 30°C outside; the new thermostat does the job.