woensdag 23 december 2009

Leaving at the end of the week.

The battery will have to move to the trunk because it’s to hot sitting just above the exhaust manifold.

Just some last pictures she's leaving within a few days.


I will need to make some proper connections when the car is back.

Previous owner was afraid to break the throttle cable so he put a spare one in the wheel arch. Only thing is I couldn’t get it out without breaking it.

Some more bad connections.

I will have to clean these up.

Rear axle back in place

The torsion bar is finished and put into place now the rear axle can be put back where it belongs.

These mounting points will be reinforced later on.

Back on her feet again.

I still need to get out the wiring loom and the front lichts, we will take the windscreen out at the workshop hope we wont brake it...

Almost ready to leave.

Putting the rear axle back together

Turning the pinion wheel is very smooth there also seems to be no excessive play.

Something I always neglected before was changing the rear axle oil.

But you almost can see that it loves the new oil.

I left it for a while like this to make sure there weren’t any oil leaks.

Making it ready to go under the car again it only needs the torsion bar of witch I still have to undo the rust and have it painted.

Finishing the differential

The pinion is in position and the new crown wheel has been bolted ( with Locktite strong) on to the differential.

I used the original shims and everything fits just fine lucky me.

Making a new paper seal yourself is easy and very cheap.

You only need a little ball hammer and a bit of patience.

Et voila...

Some more sandblasting and paintwork

Getting the brake plates ready.

I’ll have to hurry a bit because one of these days the guy from the work shop will give me a call to bring my car in.

So the most important parts need to be ready before that day.

Looking forward to it.

Stronger axle mounts

I’ve taken the rear axle to the work shop and asked the guy to make me some new and thicker supports, a few days later the job was done.

The rust worm will break his teeth on these ones I will make sure he don’t like the taste by putting several layers of black anti rust paint on them.

I was planning to weld some extra material into all the suspension mountings but these mountings will be thick enough to cope with the V8 power.

Be aware !!!

I've put a black anti rust paint as second and thirt layer on the suspension arms.

It’s getting a bit tight in my little work house with all these parts laying everywhere and it isn’t over yet.

I’ve found the cause for the worn rubbers.
The rear axle mounts are completely rusted away. How can this happen?

I never saw this when I was under the car I didn’t even saw it when I had the axle off the car.
This is because it was covered with mud and dirt this kept the rusted parts into place.

Early cars didn’t have the bump stops they are put on at a later time.
These parts have never been protected like they should have been.
Water and dirt slips between the original axle mount and the bump stop plate where the rust worm has al the time to eat your suspension mounts.

Be aware and check your bump stops before it’s to late I’m sure this doesn’t only happen to me!!!

Rear brakes

I’ve made some pictures of the rear brakes just in case I would forget how things fit together. (Its’ not the first time this would happen to me and I recon I’m not the only one with this experience)

I need 2 new brake pistons as one is leaking and the other one is jammed.

Brake shoes are still in acceptable condition they just need a bit of sanding.

Modification rear suspension arms II

The track arms are welded, not so nice done I think but it will have to do.

Weld some reinforcement plates to the suspension arms to make them stiffer.
This way they can cope with the V8 power.

A zinc spray is the first layer anti rust protection.