vrijdag 16 juli 2010

More sanding to do part 2

I’m very pleased with the results so far.

I’ve ordered the exhaust finishing parts last week so within a week or two the rear bumper skirt can be adapted and then the car will almost be ready for the paint job.

But I’m leaving the country for a few weeks for work so again it will be quiet on the blog just until August.

More sanding to do

The final shape is coming through.

Back to business

After the rally our attention went back to the car.

The rough surface has been sanded but it’s still not finished yet.

There will be quite a lot more hours of sanding to do.

Very noisy Saab

Some old Fiat’s and

a very loud two stroke Saab from Sweden.

Suicide doors.

Our car at the end of this stage; the driver thought he’d hit something but there was no damage to the car.

Other cars at the historic rally

EAT4OOT back in the race

The next morning first thing I saw when we were waiting for our car to pass was the TR7V8 in a good shape.

Some pictures of other historic rally cars.

EAT400T at the rally

There were three TR7’s at the rally two of them had the works colors and one was silver-grey. I only managed to take pictures of one of the works cars due to our tight work shedule.

Apparently they had some problems with the gearbox it was taken out and they where working on it, the day after they where back in the race.

24 hours Ypres historic rally

I was asked to help with the service during the 24 hours of the Ypres rally.

The rally started at Friday evening the 25 of June; the car with the number 262 was the car we did the flying service for.

Driver Dirk Deveux did 3 races without any problems that evening.

It was a very warm and thirsty evening for some competitors.

Fiber work part 2

The door steps are made straight with fiber mastic.

The rear sill and rear bumper skirt joint is a difficult spot to handle.

More fiber work

These pictures don’t need much explanation I think;

the good thing about these larger wheel arches is that they still respect the wedge line of the car.