zondag 29 december 2013

EFI final, will it run?

Finally everything is in place and the big moment is there: will it start and run? Well it only took one attempt to get the engine running and I was very amazed but also very happy although it run a little rough but I had never aspect it to start at first turn over. 

The rough running was caused by the missing heater device underneath the plenum chamber. I discarded this part but I wasn’t aware that the threats for fixing this part protruded the plenum chamber and thereby sucking some extra air witch the flapper can’t measure. Once this problem was solved the engine run very smooth (although a bit high on idle) and starts at the first twist of the key.

Don’t like the connection between flapper and plenum chamber I'm sure it's blocking the air passage.

After solving this obstruction the car seemed to have at least 20 HP extra.

During tests on the open road the car was great but after a few miles was holding itself in and at last it stopped running. Letting it cool down for a few minutes and starting it again the engine would run again but only for a few miles (just enough to get me home again). An inspection of the fuel filter learnt me that this was blocked with debris still coming from the fuel tank (although I suspect the pick-up pipe as this was completely blocked with rust when I started refitting the fuel tank).In any case I rinsed the fuel tank a couple of times and when I couldn’t discover any more dirt I attached everything again and did a new test run. This time all problems where gone and the car goes like a rocket compared to the carbs setup. Fuel economics are also much better it does 100km with 9,5 liter average as where the carb version needed at least 15 liter. But most important of all: it starts every time everywhere in every condition where with the carbs it was always a lottery; would it fire up yes or no…

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