zondag 29 december 2013

EFI part 6; preparing the fuel tank

One of the things I was still missing was the special EFI petrol tank but thanks to a good bloke (also from Holland) this problem was quickly solved (Thanks Beans).
Although the fuel tank came from a Californian car and it only had some fly rust inside of it I decided to give it a good clean. First I rinsed it with a degreaser after that I filled it with half a bucket of fine grindstones and water and shacked the whole thing till my arms dropped off. This I did several times just until only clear water came out of the tank. I then degreased it again and let it dry for a week.
I bought a pint of fuel tank sealer by the internet witch I poor in the thank and while turning the fuel tank over and over again I made sure the complete internal surface was covered. This took me a good hour after that the fuel tank was placed upon the central heating in the garage over the weekend to let it dry out.

Cleaned the threats for the exhaust heat protection plates.

Nice grey coating on the inside,

But needs some paint on the outside

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