maandag 30 december 2013

New distributor

I’ve ordered a bundle set for the ignition, meaning; the distributor and coil plus the leads are sold as one set for a special price. I bought this set at Powerspark UK. Previously I bought the EFI fuel pump from them and I’m very happy with their prices and services.

Replacing the distributor is not a difficult job to do. The only thing to take care off is to turn the crankshaft to the TDC and to be sure the rotor points to cylinder n°1 like in the picture.

Then swap the distributor and make sure it engages fully in the oil pump drive.
Fine adjustment of the timing is done with the stroboscope once all the other wires are connected.
The old corps…
New set of leads sadly one missing but will be arriving soon.

Although I always trusted the SD1 regulator it will have to go now because the new distributor got a regulator fixed to it. They say that this setup could be sensitive for vibrations and heat but we will see how it goes.

Just to be sure I’m also replacing the coil along with the high tension leads; I really hope that all the issues with bad ignition during rainy weather will be solved now.

First test-drive was a 2 times 100 Km trip in rainy weather and in the end in a real shower rain. There were no problems at all so at first sight I guess the problem is solved.

But one problem has only been solved as another one rises his head...

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