zondag 29 december 2013

EFI part 10, installing injectors, electrics and plenum

Everything was now made ready to install the EFI manifold on to the engine, a straightforward job but I didn’t put the whole manifold on at once.

First thing I installed was the manifold itself next where the fuel pipes (as you can see these are not the same as in the beginning; I’d to cut the old injector tubes because they looked a bit dodgy and later I found a complete set on the internet for only a few Euro’s).

Another advantage of this set was that the fuel pipe was one piece and not two like the former one thus avoiding leaks. The injectors where tested and approved OK so now I’ve got a spare set laying in the shed.

Once the manifold was in place it was time to pre install the wiring loom and to have a look how things where best routed as the wiring loom comes from a different type of car.

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