maandag 30 december 2013

First real road trip with the Seven

The first real road trip with the TR7 since she’s on the road again in two years, actually since I own her and that’s almost 25 years.
The trip goes to the South-East of Germany and will cover a total of approximately 2000 Km.

Weather forecast wasn’t to great but I managed to do the first 800 Km without rain and more important without any problems with the car.

Was looking forward to the weekend (had to work during the week) to do some mountain passes. The whole week was cloudy and rainy but the car behaved well during the trip to work. Finally almost at the end of the week but on Thursday evening this happened…

Surprise for everybody and a lot of traffic problems as they never had thought it would be this much

But on the Friday afternoon weather changed and temperatures were rising, but at this time I had caught the flue and was feeling miserable.

So I stayed in bed on Saturday but took the car for a spin on Sunday and drove into Austria.

Had a splendid day although I missed the small mountain roads I came for but due to the flue I didn’t prepared a road map…

Lovely roads, had lunch outside with a large beer in front of me and felt the flue going away…

Had a good second week with nice weather and was preparing to leave Germany when I found out I didn’t had any wipers or ventilator working.

The weather forecast predicted good weather so I left without repairing a broken fuse. On the way back I was reminded about this by this company, What if our cars had…

All went great and I even did the last part of Autobahn (180 Km) in a good hour (without the risk of getting a speed ticket). The car can go much faster but at this moment I’m not confident enough to try it out.

Resume of 2013: The car got EFI and better brakes and new seats this year and it has almost covered 5000 Km with the EFI without any problems and has an average fuel consumption of 9L/100 Km.

Happy new year to all of you, Cheers, J.

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