zondag 29 december 2013

EFI part 11, connecting the ECU

Connecting the ECU’s loom to the car’s loom isn’t that difficult thanks to the simple flapper system, apparently a hot wire system needs some more work involved but I guess it shouldn’t be too complicated either.

I've soldered a spare connector to connect the EFI loom to the TR7’s loom.

You have to dismantle the connectors to make it possible to pass them thru the bulkhead and in the meanwhile take the opportunity to clean every connector as some are very corroded. Al wires are being soldered to each other to avoid mal functioning due to bad contact.

Before and after; look at the left hand spade above witch is the ground one.

The passage thru the bulk head, just beside the heater.

After some puzzling I found it the best way to install the ECU underneath the passenger seat ; the wiring loom was long enough and I didn’t have to drill any holes in the dashboard where it could be in the way of the wife’s shopping bags…


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