maandag 30 december 2013

Light switch failure

So now the engine runs great and the seats are finished it was time to make a small trip and everything went just fine…

only to notice on the last two miles that the headlights went on and off on some occasions, when we arrived home only a few minutes later I thought I smelled a touch of burned plastic. Because it was night I left the car in the garage and went to bed.

The day after I checked the headlights again but I couldn’t move the switch so I took the switch out and dismantled it to find one of the push rods being worn causing bad contact and causing the beginning of overheating the switch and that was what I smelled the night before.

Thanks to some spare switches in the shed this problem was soon solved and the switch is now working as never before.

Due to the heat the connector melted but this will be cured when I receive the new connector from a friendly guy on the TR7 forum.

At the moment I’ve put some electric grease in the connector to avoid bad contact and I will install some relay’s to reduce the high current flowing thru the connector.

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