maandag 30 december 2013

Water temperature and ignition

I did notice that people on the forum always talked about the 15psi water pressure cap but I never stood still with that remark. So one day when I saw this remark again I stood up and went to the garage to have a look at the pressure cap and I couldn’t believe my eyes; mine was only a 7psi cap. I guess I took this cap from the old plastic bottle system without knowing there was a difference with the newer system.
So I ordered a new 15psi cap and guess what? Temperature dropped with a full block on the meter, also water level in the expansion vase stays at a higher level now.
Never too old to learn I guess…

Another problem I had is when it was raining and the car had been standing still for a while it wouldn’t run on all cylinders. Checked everything but I couldn’t find anything wrong but when I sprayed some WD40 all over the place the problem was gone ore became less.

In the end I bought a new distributor cap and rotor because I thought this was the cause as this part has 30 years of age.

Problems seemed to be solved after that but I wasn’t convinced so I’ve ordered a complete new distributor with coil and leads, to be continued...

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